A Few Tips On Cleaning Your Carpet After a Natural Disaster

You should assume that both the floodwater and your carpet contain infectious microorganisms. When treating a carpet tainted with sewage, rubber gloves must be worn. Continue to wash your hands with water and soap while interacting with the rug. If a carpet has been soaked in sewage-contaminated flood water for days or weeks, it may need to be discarded. It will be difficult to clean damp carpets and prevent mildew and odor problems even with your best efforts.

How can you clean your flooded carpet?

Continue reading to learn more on what to do when your carpet becomes wet and how to prevent further damage.

Soak Up All Moisture in the Carpet

Place large, absorbent towels over the wet areas, and then walk over them to facilitate absorption. Allow the towels to soak for approximately 30 minutes, and then replace them when they are well saturated. A second option is to utilize a wet vacuum. They are both inexpensive and available for rental. Consider contacting expert carpet cleaners for assistance if your carpet is extremely drenched.

Activate Fans, Air Conditioners, and Windows

While the towels absorb most moisture, air must be circulated through the space. Turn on any ceiling or floor fans to circulate air across the damp area. If you have air conditioning, you should turn it on as well. Moreover, open windows increase airflow across the room. This can help eradicate any musty scents that have developed in the room due to the wet carpet.

Rent or Purchase a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are ideal for use in damp and mold-prone environments. If you live in an area prone to floods or your home has regular leaks, a dehumidifier will help eliminate excess moisture and prevent the spread of mold.

Have Your Rugs Steam-Cleaned

Professional carpet steam cleaning is performed at such a high temperature that any impurities in the carpet are eliminated. Bacteria may stay in the fibers of a moist carpet even after it has been dry-cleaned. These undesirables, such as mold spores, can be reached and eliminated by steam cleaning from companies like PuroClean of Brazos County. .

Use Baking Soda to Eliminate Trapped Humidity

A house remedy such as baking soda is advantageous for tiny damp carpet regions. After absorbing the majority of the wetness with towels, sprinkle baking soda over the affected regions and allow it to sit for 30 minutes. You should vacuum up any remaining baking soda, and your carpets should be rather clean.

Have Professionals Evaluate Assess Your Carpet Padding

If your carpet has collected substantial water, the padding below may be damaged. The best carpet and upholstery cleaning Bryan has to offer can evaluate if your carpet padding requires replacing. Again, if carpet padding is left moist, mold growth and poor indoor air quality might result.


If your carpet poses a safety risk to you or your family, or if the extent of the work, such as ripping it up, drying it out, etc., is beyond your competence and schedule, you should engage a professional. A further benefit of hiring a qualified and bonded specialist is that they can offer a type of warranty against future mold growth.