Repercussions of Water Damage

We take water for granted daily. Can you imagine a week without water or even just a day without water? It would be impossible to complete tasks without it. However, with all its usefulness, it comes with a caveat. Based on statistics, the average age of houses in the U.S. is 46 years old. 14,000 people in the U.S. experience water damage, and more than 90% suffer from it in their basements. What would you do if you personally experienced massive water damage in your home?

What causes water damage?

Taking care of your home is easier said than done, which is why it’s always important to know what causes it. That way, we would know exactly what needs to be done and our options in case of water damage. Let’s talk about some of the common root causes of water damages.

Water Leaks

Unnoticed leaks from loose pipes may cause an awful musky smell, a colony of molds, and may even lead to an accident if you happen to slip and hurt yourself due to the water leak. These water leaks are not easy to find. If they are undiscovered, they may cause significant amounts of damage to your property and belongings. Preventive measures must be done through regular checking of your pipes and water lines.

While water damages may be prevented, there are still inevitable situations that we least expect. The good thing is, PuroClean of Jacksonville, Florida, is available 24/7, which is perfect for cases of emergencies.

Deterioration of Waterline

If simple leaks are ignored, they may eventually lead to pipe deterioration or a disaster. Imagine the damage if it suddenly explodes. It is never good to see a flood in your home, not to mention the time and effort you must put in to clean up the mess. But also think about the appliances that may be ruined if they get wet. As well as the risk of fire and electrocution if the water ever gets to a power outlet.

Natural Disasters

According to the experts, Florida is the most flood-prone state in the U.S. Hurricanes, and heavy storms may not happen often, but they always come unannounced. Its heavy downpour may damage your roof and send all the water straight to your home and eventually ruin your furniture, appliances, or any important documents stored on your property. These unforeseeable events may cause damage, but you can always have a property restoration company help.

Who can help you with water damages?

Knowing how serious the complications of water damage are, it’s important to know who to call to help you get it fixed. For one, Jacksonville, Florida, experiences regular flooding because of the St. Johns river. A trusted restoration company that offers property damage restoration can help. This page will show you more information regarding the right services for this kind of damage.


These factors may sound and feel manageable, but they’re not something to overlook or underestimate. Knowing the basics and contacting the experts right away is a huge advantage rather than just waiting for the worse to happen. It’s still better to proactively prepare for the unexpected, address the issue immediately, and contact the professionals that can help you.