Common Causes Why Your Dog Is Lethargic

Since most dogs enjoy playing and running, it can be a concern when they are tired. Lethargic dogs can signify the age of their dog and health concerns like an illness.

Lethargic is a term that can describe various things; however, it generally refers to a person who is slow asleep, inert, or tired. Dogs that are sedentary should be brought to a veterinarian as soon as they notice signs of discomfort.

Healthy dogs can become exhausted and slow at certain times. This is normal, but there are occasions that this can be alarming. For instance, if your pet has been slacking, behaves suspiciously, or has problems with their health, take them to your vet.

Common Reasons for Lethargic Dogs

If your dog is looking tired and weak, go through this article. It will help you understand why they act this way and how you can help them.


Only the natural aging process could cause the lethargy that dogs undergo. Your dog gets older as they age.

Therefore, old dogs are less attracted to playing or being active. Although taking naps or moving slower isn’t necessarily an issue, it is a problem when they aren’t doing it or aren’t motivated to get up to eat or drink. Visit a kitten vet for more info about your pet’s health.


Infection is another disease that might make the dog lethargically agitated. Different diseases can be a problem for dogs, including heartworm disease, kennel cough, and parvovirus.

Since these diseases force our immune systems extra to get rid of the issue and cause harm to their health, the result is that they tend to slow down and become lazy dogs.


Low levels of blood sugar can cause this medical condition. In the end, your dog might become tired and weak. If untreated, the dog could develop seizures, and the absence of energy caused by the food can result in a slow dog.

Food Poisoning

Another cause of your dog’s tiredness could be eating something unpleasant. For instance, by eating something harmful to them like chocolate or garlic, the dog might become weak. If your dog consumes chemicals or other poisonous substances, they could become fatal. Bring your pet to a vet if it is poisoned; visit them here for more details.

Urinary Tract Disorder

The UTI, also known as a urinary tract infection, can trigger dangerous germs to multiply within dogs’ bodies. They might be exhausted when their bodies try to fight microorganisms, such as E. coli.

An issue with the urinary tract can cause your dog to be tired, but it may be painful, which makes it challenging for them to go to the bathroom. This could significantly impact your pet’s health and can cause fatality over the long haul.


Another reason for the lack of energy in dogs is drugs, which cause them to feel exhausted. While many medications have warnings regarding this, some pet owners are shocked that their ordinarily active dogs become sedentary after they take these medications. If your dog exhibits symptoms of weakness following the introduction of an unfamiliar medicine or product, speak to your vet.

Heart Problems

The heart is the source of energy for the body. When your pet’s heart isn’t functioning well, it can be slow due to an absence of blood circulation. If the sluggishness due to cardiac issues isn’t addressed quickly, the condition can develop serious complications, such as congestive cardiac failure. Fast breathing and loss of appetite are additionally possible side effects. Visit a vet like Northwest Austin Veterinary Center for more information.