Time Frame of Water Damage and the Risks of Delaying Repair

The inability to get your water damage fixed after flooding or significant water damage can be a difficult thing to endure. Leaky or broken pipes and sewage backups, flooding basements, or even fire-related water damage can all cause serious concerns. There are a variety of health hazards associated with water damage that have not been adequately addressed.

Restoration of water damage is a crucial issue that requires immediate attention. Damage from water can cause various structural and safety problems that you might not be aware of until it’s too late. The first step is to remove any leaks or issues. Once you have stopped any further damage, contact an expert to fix and restore your home to its normal condition following an event of flooding and prevent more water damage and moisture destruction in homes.

When Does Water Damage Start?

The effects of water damage can be seen in a matter of minutes. But, there are instances where the damage is evident within a few days or weeks. The duration determines the extent of a home’s degradation it has had to be exposed to. Being aware of how quickly the damage is causing water damage could inspire homeowners to immediately resolve the issue of water damage.

1. First 24 hours

A flood or leak will take everything it comes across when it expands. Items that are personal, like photographs and books, could immediately expand and become warped beyond repair because of this. The water will soak into the soft upholstery, furniture, and flooring, and walls will likely soak up the water. The swelling can occur in furniture, drywall, wood doors, and windows. 

Wallpaper or paint can crack or peel, creating the risk of electrical equipment. If your roof is leaky and water is leaking through the ceilings, which can cause destruction to insulation as well as wood timbers. However, it is possible that mold will begin to develop during this time, and this is a serious issue.

2. 48 hours

There will be a shift in the airflow of your home. The water is able to retain humidity in the air easily, which could cause significant damage to the wooden elements of your home’s structure. According to the experts, that is the time that the repair must be completed as fast as possible.

If you ought the assistance of an expert Gladstone water damage remediation company, you can do a quick search on the web and look for the best results or you can ask recommendations from your trusted peers.

3. One week

The destruction will only get worse until the end of the first week. Mildew and mold will start to grow and take over your home. Windows, doors, and floors made of wood may expand and distort, while metal can rust and corrosion due to the humidity. In addition, there is the possibility of significant biohazard contamination happening within the premises.

4. Two to Three Weeks

It is important to remember that when water damage is left untreated for longer than a week, the duration and the cost and effort needed for restoration work will dramatically increase. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stop mold from growing, and the risks associated with structural damage are growing.

5. In one month

When the wood elements of the structure are saturated by water, the entire system is structurally unsound. The mold colonies have encroached on the structure, creating unsafe living spaces for residents to live and work in.

Damage to the water supply can happen at any time in any house, regardless of the structure’s design. Therefore, homeowners must be prepared and call an emergency repair service as quickly as possible. The longer it takes to dry the floodwater, the more damage will be done to the home.