What Is a Good Score for Express Entry Canada? 9 Ways to Improve It

Canada Express Entry program is a great way to immigrate to the country. But to be accepted, you need to have a good score.

If you are eligible to apply, you must create a profile in the Express Entry pool. Your score will be based on some factors, including your age, education, work experience, language ability, and if you have a job offer in Canada.

The government sets a minimum score requirement for each draw from the pool, known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

What Is a Good Score for Canada’s Express Entry? 

There’s no simple answer because the CRS score required for an invitation to apply for permanent residency in Canada varies. It is based on the time of year and the number of applicants. However, in general, you need a score of at least 450 to have a good chance of being invited to apply.

Tips to Increase Your CRS Score

1. Plan Ahead of Time

Firstly, know the deadlines for each program and make sure you submit your profile well in advance. It can take months to get a high score to be invited to apply.

For example, note that the medical test result is valid for 12 months, and a panel-approved physician must conduct it. Know the cost of medical exam for Canadian immigration through visiting your choice of facility’s website.

2. Improve Your Language Skills

Language skills are important factors in the CRS. You will get the most points for having strong English or French skills. If your skills are not quite where you want them to be, there are a few things you can do to improve them:

  • One option is to take a language test, such as IELTS or CELPIP. 
  • Another option is to enroll in a language course. 

Canada has many excellent language schools, both private and public. The government even has a Language Instruction program for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) that provides free English classes across the country.

3. Obtain a Job Offer

Try to get a job offer in Canada. It is unnecessary to have a job offer to apply for permanent residency, but it gives you an advantage over other candidates. The best way to get a job offer is to network with people in your field and connect with Canadian employers.

4. Ensure You Meet the Education Requirements

One of the essential criteria in the CRS is education. You will receive the most points for a degree or diploma from a Canadian institution. In case your education is not from Canada, you may need to have it evaluated by a third party. This is because the CRS assigns points based on certain criteria, such as how closely your experience matches the requirements of the program you are applying to.

5. Increase Your Work Experience

Work experience is also a key factor in the CRS. If you have more experience in a field relevant to the program you are applying to, you will receive more points. You can improve your score by increasing your work experience in Canada or obtaining a job offer in Canada.

6. Prove You’re Adaptable

The CRS considers your adaptability or your ability to adjust to life in Canada. You could prove your adaptability through the following instances:

  • Have a strong job offer from a Canadian employer.
  • Show that you have family in Canada.
  • You have completed a previous immigration program.
  • You have strong language skills.

7. Be Healthy

It’s essential to stay healthy, physically and mentally, if you want to boost your chances of being invited by the Canadian government to apply for permanent residency. Remember that the country conducts medical screenings of all Express Entry applicants. Those who are found to have health conditions that could cost the government money in the future may be given a lower ranking.

Note that your medical test should be conducted by a panel physician approved by the Canadian government. Find out more here about the medical exam process.

8. Have Sufficient Funds

All visa applicants must prove that they have enough money to support themselves and their family members while in Canada. The required amount varies depending on the size of your family. You can provide proof of funds by submitting bank statements or letters from financial institutions.

9. Have a Strong Application

Ultimately, ensure that your Express Entry profile is complete and accurate. Be sure to list all your skills, education, work experience, and language abilities.

Consider getting a professional assessment of your qualifications to ensure that they comply with Canadian standards. If possible, work with a professional consultancy or immigration lawyers to help you through the application process. They are the right people to guide you through each step and ensure that your profile is as strong as possible.

The Bottom Line

The tips above can improve your chances of being invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada. By improving your language skills, getting a job offer, and proving that you’re adaptable, you can have a bigger opportunity of being selected in the Express Entry pool.

Along with the required documents and criteria, prepare yourself mentally and physically. Make sure that you don’t have underlying health conditions that will put you in a negative light with the immigration officer. Choose a medical exam facility approved by the government to be valid, such as the GTA Immigration Medical Clinic. Go to their website to see how it works.