Live Healthy – Six Steps To A Healthy Life

Six steps we Could take to reduce our risks for heart disease There are specific measures that we can take to reduce our risks of getting heart disease and having a heart attack. For people like me who already have heart disease, we could only do two things. Follow these steps to be able to prevent the development of our disease. Hope that a remedy will be found to unclog our arteries until it is too late.

For all others, you do not need to wait. You can start taking these steps today. You are able to ensure yourselves that you’re reducing your risks of having a heart attack and of developing cardiovascular disease. In the process, you’ll be improving how you look and feel now and live a more satisfying life. Step number one- decide that you want to stay healthy with joy, instead of being sick and suffering in pain Daily we make decisions that impact our health; we determine whether to smoke, what to eat, whether to unwind and whether we’ll exercise.

All these decisions, done differently, become our customs and determine our health, lifestyle, and quality of life. The first step we have to do in order to change our poor and unhealthy habits to good and healthy ones would be to associate pain with the terrible habit, and pleasure with the great one. If we are conscious, know and recognize that our bad habit will produce pain disorder and distress we implant that notion into our thoughts and consciously and subconsciously start to abstain from doing this.

When we create the same awareness and institution, that pursuing the fantastic habit will bring us joy and health, we augmentation that picture into our thoughts and consciously and subconsciously we start to pursue it. So to start, we have to understand that living unhealthy is a cause of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and death, and living healthy is a cause of joy, wellbeing, and success.

Measure 2 – We have to begin by stopping the worst and most damaging habit of these all smoking Stopping smoking is the next crucial step we must take. Smoking, besides being a direct cause of cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and other ailments, inhibits our ability to do aerobic exercises. Stopping to smoke is hard for two reasons, one because it becomes such an ingrained habit we cant see ourselves present without a cigarette, we define our existence and being a smoker.

Another reason it’s so difficult is due to the nicotine contained in the cigarette that’s quite addictive, we feel we need it and we can’t live it out. Conversely, if we could convince ourselves that by continuing to smoke we’re really shortening our presence and by continuing to smoke we soon will not exist in any respect. If we could also implant the real idea in our heads that our presence as a smoker inhibits our capacity to live life to the fullest and robs of living a very satisfying happy active life.

We can start to fantasize about what an active healthy full lifestyle is, and start to crave it. When our cravings for the fantastic life raise our cravings for cigarettes decreases, and slowly but surely we could replace the bad habit of smoking with a great one exercising. Step number three- Begin living a busy lifestyle by starting to do cardiovascular exercises Exercising aside from the obvious advantage of getting us into shape, in addition, it relieves stress, tension, and feelings of depression.

All three, anxiety, anxiety, and depression are major causes and risk factors for heart disease. Once we’ve quit smoking we have the capability to start exercising, we can start gradually by walking 30 minutes to 45 minutes daily. Since as a smoker leading a sedentary lifestyle we never walk, just walking will increase our wellbeing. Gradually as we get used to walking and we do not feel the effects can slowly increase our speed turning our leisure walks into brisk walks.

By this time we should be feeling healthier and braver; we are now able to begin a genuine cardiovascular exercise regimen, maintaining our heart rates elevated within our target heart rate zone for 20 minutes 3 to 5 times per week. Step number four – Begin feeling great about ourselves We stopped smoking and are working out three times a week for twenty minutes we start feeling good about ourselves.

We do not feel stressed, we do not feel tensed, and once we do we just have a walk or workout and receive instant relief. We feel accomplished we believe we could do anything and want to do everything. We believe we would like to live healthy for several years to come, we do not want things to change we do not need to age. We start to look for ways to achieve it. Step number five- Begin to watch our diets and our eating habits On the lookout for ways to make sure we stay healthy.

We start watching the kinds of food that we eat. Be sure not to eat fatty, fried foods, saturated fats and Trans fats, red meat and anything that’s harmful to our health. We control our processed carbohydrates and start searching for whole grains. We begin eating fiber, fruits, vegetables, legumes. We eat plenty of fish and essential fatty acids. We drink a glass of red wine Daily Measure number six – we appreciate each moment we live healthy By doing all the above steps we could feel accomplished and appreciate every moment knowing that we did everything that we can to control our risks of getting heart disease and dying of a heart attack.

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