Effectiveness of Integrative Medicine in Treating Pet Arthritis

As a pet owner, you should be aware that veterinarians handle pets in various ways. While some physicians only provide conventional therapies, others also provide complementary therapies. Integrative veterinarians offer a specialized mix of traditional and complementary therapies.

Pets with arthritis experience constant pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility. This blog post will discuss integrative medicine and how it can help your dog or cat with arthritis.

What Is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine is focused on healing and considers the entire being. A holistic veterinarian considers a pet’s physical condition, emotional problems, diet, and way of life. When suggesting a course of treatment for your pet, they will also consider both conventional and holistic approaches.

There are numerous integrative medical practices, including:

  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal medicine
  • Chiropractic care
  • Massage therapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Nutritional therapy

It is important to remember that many once viewed holistic medicine as an “alternative” treatment. When all other conventional medical options had been exhausted, this kind of care was considered a last-resort “alternative” for patients. Traditional medical procedures are now used in conjunction with holistic therapies. Avoid confusion as a result, as “alternative medicine” is no longer relevant.

How Is Integrative Medicine Beneficial to Your Pet?

Preventing illness and promoting health and well-being are significant focuses of integrative medicine. The following are additional ways that integrative medicine can benefit animals with arthritis:


Regular exercise can maintain joint flexibility and strength, but picking a suitable activity for each pet is essential. Practitioners of integrative medicine can suggest appropriate exercise regimens for arthritic pets.

Physical Therapy

Your pet can improve with physical therapy and pet therapeutic massage. You can reduce joint mobility and pain. Practitioners of integrative medicine can oversee home strengthening and stretching routines. 

Herbal Remedies

You can use herbal remedies to reduce inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. Integrative medicine practitioners can suggest herbs that are both good for animals and secure.


In pets with arthritis, acupuncture can effectively lessen discomfort and improve mobility. It functions by triggering the release of endorphins, a natural painkiller.


Pets with arthritis can benefit from chiropractic adjustments to regain joint mobility and relieve pain. Integrative medicine practitioners with animal chiropractic training can make secure and efficient adjustments.

How Can a Combination of Treatments Help Pets With Arthritis?

The management of pet arthritis may benefit from veterinary rehabilitation, cardiology, diagnostic lab services, and other therapies from reputable facilities like Hope Advanced Veterinary Center. The following are some advantages of combining these various treatment modalities:

Holistic Approach

A holistic approach to treating arthritis in pets involves combining different treatment modalities. When creating a personalized treatment plan, this approach considers the entire pet’s medical history, lifestyle, and unique needs.

Comprehensive Diagnosis

The identification of underlying medical conditions exacerbating or causing arthritis symptoms can be assisted by diagnostic laboratory services. This might help with planning medical care and enhancing results.

Pain Management

Options for pain management offered by veterinary rehabilitation include therapeutic exercises, hydrotherapy, and massage therapy. Pets with arthritis frequently experience heart-related pain, which cardiology can help treat.


For pets to manage arthritis effectively, nutrition is essential. Cardiology, veterinary rehabilitation, and a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can all collaborate to lessen the signs of arthritis because they have anti-inflammatory properties.


Cardiologists can prescribe diuretics and ACE inhibitors to treat a dog’s heart condition symptoms and stop the disease’s progression. These drugs can aid in the treatment of arthritis symptoms.

Complementary Therapies

Pets with arthritis symptoms can benefit from complementary therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, and herbal remedies. You can employ various treatments to cater to each animal’s unique needs.


You can use integrative medicine to treat arthritis in pets completely. Combining conventional Western medicine with complementary and alternative therapies allows integrative medicine practitioners to offer a personalized treatment plan that considers each pet’s particular needs. Pet owners can help their animals live longer, healthier lives with fewer signs of arthritis by collaborating closely with a team of veterinarians.