Ways to Build an Audience for Construction Marketing

As a construction business owner, you need to invest in marketing services that will aid you in building a target market. You want potential customers to be able to find your business quickly, and you want existing customers to stay loyal. It can be difficult to decide which strategies are the most useful when it comes to construction marketing services. Here are some guidelines for building a better audience for your construction business.

Make Sure Your Number Is Easy to Find

One of the first things a potential customer will do when looking for a construction company is search for their number. Make sure this information is easy to find on your website, social media accounts, and any other online listing sites you may use. In addition, ensure your contact number is listed plainly on all your print materials, such as business cards and catalogs.

Set Up Google Local Service Ads

Google local service ads (LSAs) are ads that show on top of search engine results pages (SERPs). LSAs are specifically created for businesses in the home services sector, like construction businesses or roofing companies– making them perfect if you are seeking more presence online. LSAs also link straight to your site so that clients can easily find more information about what you do.

Follow Up With Past Customers

Following up with previous customers shows that you care about their experience with your company and are prepared to go above and beyond to make sure satisfaction. Reach out through email or give them a call– it is an easy way to show them they are valued and might lead to more referrals or return clients down the line.

Hire a Construction Photography Company to Feature Your Employees and Services

Hiring a professional photography company can take your marketing attempts up a notch by providing beautiful images of employees doing great work in action shots and pictures of completed projects that look amazingly professional. Professional construction photographers draw customers into wanting additional information about your services, so acquiring quality photographs should be part of any comprehensive construction marketing plan.

Prioritize Reviews and Customer Testimonials

When potential clients come across your website or social media page, one of the first things they will likely look at is testimonials from past clients or customer testimonials. Investing time into responding professionally and positively to reviews shows interested clients how seriously you take feedback from those who have used your services. Doing this will build trust with new prospects and instill brand loyalty amongst existing ones.

Create an Informative Blog

Blogging is a great way to demonstrate expertise while reaching out beyond current clientele. Creating web content on topics related specifically to those within the construction sector, such as advancements in technology or trends within project management, will give readers insight right into how knowledgeable you are on different topics, which builds trust between yourself and potentially new leads who read it. 

You may also want to consider consulting a construction company promotional video content developer if you need help creating an insightful blog about your construction business. 


Construction marketing is vital for any business in the construction sector. By following the tips above, you can build a loyal audience that will assist you in growing your business. If you need help getting started, plenty of premier construction industry marketing experts can help you, like Panaskopic Productions in California. Adding a little effort to your construction business can help you bring in great results.