How to Keep Your Pet Healthy

Keeping your pet healthy does not require constant trips to the vet. Even though regular checkups are necessary, you can limit those to at least once a month. If you put in enough effort and care, most of the work can be done at home. Your pet can be healthy and happy if you ensure you are giving them proper nutrition, enough exercise, and following health protocols for spaying or neutering.

Maintaining Your Pet’s Health

You do not have to source the most expensive health tools to keep your pet’s health at an optimum level. You just need to regularly follow these recommended guidelines in maintaining your pet’s health. Ensure they eat healthy food, exercise daily, have regular checkups, and get spayed or neutered to prevent health complications. Below is a list of easy health care actions you can do for your pets.

Proper Nutrition

Your pet needs to eat healthy food. Although a lot of dog and cat food is available in the market, it would be ideal to opt for a more organic approach. Always be mindful of some of the vegetables that are harmful to pets, like onions, for example. You can ask your animal doctor from Lacey Olympia Animal Clinic or any clinic near you for their recommendations, however, you would generally want to ensure your pet gets enough vegetables and meat in their diet.

Daily Exercise

Give your pets enough exercise daily. Whether through walks outside, running around a garden, or hikes in nearby parks– your pets need the exercise to keep their heart pumping at a healthy rate. Countless advantages come with regular exercises, like a boost in their immune system and improved blood circulation. Daily exercise will most certainly benefit you as well, not just your pets.

Regular Checkups

Regular checkups are essential. Frequent meetings with the vet will allow you to gain professional advice on how to keep your pet healthy. Through this, they can flag possible diseases or infections early on to prevent them from developing into something severe. Your vet will also be able to administer vaccinations and other medical treatments necessary for your pet from the pet vet pharmacy.

Spay or Neuter

Spaying or neutering your pets come with several health benefits. It can prevent unwanted pregnancies, allowing you to avoid the overpopulation of dogs or cats in your home or community. It also prevents your pet from garnering diseases like cancer and can decrease their aggression and territorial tendencies. Ask your animal doctor at the 24/7 emergency vet care in Lacey how to best approach this procedure.


Effective pet health care requires your daily attention and care. You do not need to buy costly devices or tools. Your biggest investment would probably be regular checkups and preventative medical treatments. Other than that, most actions can be done at home like proper diet and daily exercise. It would be ideal to consult your pet’s doctor before every major decision regarding your pet’s health care.